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Welcome to the HAVOC website.

Any Geocachers are welcome to join.

If you would like to join us look for our Facebook page under HAVOC as we are only using the Facebook page at this time.

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Havoc Facebook Group

Just wanted to let people know that for those who use Facebook…there is a group that has just been reopened for those who want to join. The Havoc FB group was previously opened before closing prior to the commencement of this website as there wasn’t a lot of activity on it…but as a member of a few other geocaching groups on FB… I find it’s a good way to keep in contact with other cachers and figured it would be a good way to reach out to those cachers who don’t frequently visit the forums. The FB group is simply called HAVOC…Hope to see a few faces on there.


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Nelson to Shoal Bay Power Trail (NTSBPT) series

Some of you may have seen the NTSBPT series starting to hit the website.  There is 35 traditional caches and a final unknown cache. Over half of the caches are within the Tomaree National Park. The caches that are yet to be released are within the Park boundary. I have consent from the local Chief ranger which I have supplied to the reviewer so I am hoping the remaining caches will be released soon.

The reason for this post is not to advertise the series but to share some of the issues I have experienced with setting up and releasing the series. Some may have noticed that there have been coordinate issues with the release of the caches. I believe this is due to the way I have done things in setting up the series.

I knew I had to gain permission for any caches in the National Park, but to gain permission I had to provide coordinates. Chicken and the egg scenario. So I worked out a trail (14 klm walking), and took coordinates that I predicted would work for the trail (final version of the trail is 8klm). One point I learned early was that looking for an average spacing of 180m to meet the cache spacing requirement of 161m was not easy. I chose 180m to allow scope to move caches if they get muggled.

To protect the trail while I sought approval I listed caches on the website using the predicted coordinates. I spoke to the Head Ranger in person and showed him the containers I had made and he was very supportive of the concept. Once I had his verbal support I then went and put the containers out and got the final coordinates (another lap of the trail). I decided that the unknown cache would use information contained under the lid to derive the final coordinates. So I now have a table of information in excel with coordinates and the numbers required to complete the final cache. I submitted the table attached to the consent form and waited for a response from the Ranger.

While I was waiting for consent I updated the website caches with the relevant information and coordinates. This is where the issues started. I would change the coordinates but when I checked them post editing some of the numbers would revert to the previous coordinates. I eventually managed to get all of the coordinates to update and was ready, I thought, to release the caches once I had consent.

It was at this point I realised I needed to validate the information in the caches to make sure the coordinates for the last cache of the series were able to be calculated correctly. So another lap of the trail to weighpoint average the coordinates and check the numbers under the lids. I checked the averaged coordinates with the caches listed on the website and found some of the coordinates had reverted to original ‘predicted’ coordinates. Once I received the signed consent I submitted the caches for review. There were still issues with one of the caches yesterday when it was released. I have posted the correct numbers as the update coordinates log did not work as the cache was being moved ‘too far’ in the correction. As advised on the website I have emailed the reviewer with the correct coordinates so he can update them.

At review I had several caches listed with incorrect coordinates. As I type all bar 2 of the caches (incorrect coordinates on one of them are preventing both being released) that were listed outside the National park have been released. I provided a copy of the consent form to the reviewer a few days ago so I am hoping the remainder will be released today.

For me the learning point is to not list caches with predicted coordinates as fixing them later has proven to be a bit of a nightmare. I was reticent to go for approval of the trail without having placeholders for the wanted locations due to the fact there were new caches starting to pop up around the area. Knowing what I know now I probably would just accept the risk of having he trail disrupted. I also would have contacted the reviewer and requested he review but not release them until he was happy to release the entire series at once.

I wanted to post an update so you could gain an understanding of why things have taken so long to resolve since the first caches were released. It has been a good learning exercise for me and it has also meant I have done over 50lkm of walking to get things to the stage they are. I am not complaining as I love walking and riding the mountain Bike around the Port Stephens area.



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MV hits 9000

I have it on fairly good authority that Marcus Vitruvius has toppled the 9000 mark while in NZ this week.

Well done Warren. I don’t know how you do it!

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Caching Milestones

A big week for Havoc members reaching milestones – in order of ascendance.
Jonignight – reaches 1000
Big Matt & Shell – reach 6000
Marcus Vitruvius – reaches 8000
Congratulations to all of the above.

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Darth Trader & Afinidus crack Enigmatic?

Congratulations to Darth Trader & Afinidus – FTF on Enigmatic? GC3GR57
Surely to date the Hunter Regions most puzzling cache.

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Old Archived Caches

Ive just accidentally placed a cache near an old archived cache (one of Mix’s). I was wondering what other cachers thoughts are on the following:-

  1. Do cachers mind revisiting a location/structure to find a newly placed cache where an archived cache once was. I try to locate caches in unique  places so I hate the thought of people thinking that Im copying others.
  2. How do I check whether a archived cache exists where Im planning on placing one
  3. Can I log archived caches and will these be added to my total. I was thinking about doing a Mix-a-thon as a lot of his archived caches are still present and able to be found. His old caches also seem to be in places that I was thinking about placing one.
A joke for Chippyroo

I spotted this one today and had to share.

Who says Earthcaches are not sexy?

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New caches and cachers….

There have been few new caches published recently that I’m going to have a small whinge about (and no we haven’t gone out to find them as yet). They are listed as hidden by 2 or 3 teams and yet if you read the logs two out of the three teams have also claimed finds on these caches – this makes my blood boil. If we were to hide a cache with another team we would NOT claim a find on the cache! I’m interested to hear others views on this.

Also, teams with 1000′s of finds experience have tried to guide these teams but have been critisied for trying to help – if you have only found 18 caches how can you think you know more than some one who has found over 1000, or 6000???

Now I know that we have only hidden a handful of caches because we like to seek rather than hide but when we were new we welcomed any help from those who know this game! Just because you bought a new GPS last night does not make you an expert on anything.

Rant over…have to get back to rocks.

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The Cash Man reaches 1000 finds

Congratulations to The Cash Man on 1000 finds.

It’s great to see someone who has given us so many hides going strong.


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29-02 Leap year event

We have a new event published for the 29th of February leap day.

Have a look on geocaching.com

at GC3BR56,  one chance every four years to get a cache on the 29th of February

and if you are running out of local caches events count.


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